Reasons to contact an Excel Efficiency Specialist

1. Capabilities of Excel are more robust than using it as a calculator.

2. Repetitious tasks that takes hours or days to do manually.

3. There is a need to convert raw data into useful format.

4. You spend far too much time each month downloading data from your financial package and processing it into clear reports.

5. You spend a lot of time on producing quotations, order confirmations, delivery slips and invoices.

6. The need to have a macro created for use by many people in your company.

7. Tight deadlines and a quick turnaround.

8. You are being asked to create an Excel macro to solve a major need or issue.

9. Collecting and consolidating figures is extremely time-consuming and tedious.

10. You don’t have time to analyze the data and take corrective measures.

11. You are wary about making certain Excel files available to third parties.

12. The need to create an Excel macro to do a major task.

Our services include but are not limited to:

• Report Automation

• Customized Excel Functions

• Spreadsheet Design

• Excel VBA Programming - Macros

• Data Manipulation and Conversion

• Data Cleansing

• Data Integration

• Web Scraping

• Excel to Mainframe Automation