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Excel is one of the most versatile, powerful and under-utilized programs in use by businesses today. With the use of excel to assist clients to better gather and filter through and analyze data into useful easy to read spreadsheets for business intelligence reports, generate invoices, employee time sheets and proposals is my specialty. An easy to use, low or no learning curve automated system will assist you to better leverage your time.

There are several commercially software products available for specific industries which get you close to what you want to accomplish. However, your company is different and has specific needs and meeting those specific needs is what my company provides.

At Excel Specialist, I give excellent quality with an affordable price period! I offer business Excel Analyzing and Efficiencies for process improvement.

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is the Excel programming language that can automate repetitive and routine tasks and process of all kinds of complex and time-consuming tasks, while reducing human errors and create a user-friendly interface offering endless options to increase your business efficiencies you may not be aware of!

I know that streamlining processes in your business is crucial to your business success. The best way I can help your business save money, is by identifying areas within your business where efficiencies can be created and implemented. By using a structured approach with the use of Excel and creating efficiencies and using VBA features allows you to achieve a maximum return with a minimal investment and you own the spreadsheets and the code.

Any carpenter worth their weight, always uses the right tool for the right job. And Excel/VBA may be the solution you’re looking for. It is worth looking into before committing to more expensive and complex solutions. Using Excel's capabilities may surprise you.

I am happy to help your business increase in productivity
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Todd Hoerter
Excel Efficiencies Specialist and VBA Programmer