Excel Examples

For one customer, I created code that imported information from Excel into another software program on their main frame. It would go through each item in the spreadsheet and update that information from the spreadsheet to the main system based upon certain criteria within the code. This automated update only took 25 minutes to process saving a total of about 40 hours of manual labor.

Another customer wanted to have a cell with a date that would change when a note was added to an adjacent cell. This was done using a little VBA and was built into the spreadsheet.

Another customer wanted to have formulas for Excel entered automatically into their catalog order guide. I created code that would insert locked cell formulas based upon the SRP and case cost within the spreadsheet.

Another customer wanted to have the main system update a category change automatically. Currently the manual process of update this information takes a half days worth of manual work. With the code that I created to automate this process the code only takes around 20 minutes a day to run. Thatís around 3 Ĺ hours of time saved per day.

Another customer wanted me to update an existing spreadsheet for creating invoices as this information was outdated and needed reworked. I formatted the invoice template while creating and using formulas. This made it easier to use and it saved time.

There are so many more functions and formulas that can be used in Excel to make it more efficient, this is just a few examples that I have done. The possibilities are endless and there are a lot of functions and formulas that you can use to make your business run more efficient. Your business can benefit by using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and I can show your business how to use them to maximize your time and work flow. Please contact me on how I can help you become more efficient.